Specialising in Exotic Impatiens, Tropical Plants & Flowers, Unusual & Rare Seeds and Handmade Household and Garden Gifts

Welcome to Congo Cockatoo

We grow and sell beautiful exotic Impatiens such as the Congo Cockatoo (Impatiens Niamniamensis - Parrot Plant). These Exotic Impatiens have bird shaped flowers and are actually a close relative of the Busy Lizzie being within the family of Balsaminaceae.

We have other tropical, exotic and wonderful plants & seeds for sale including rare and beautiful variants of common plants and flowers. We also offer handmade household & garden gifts, gardening tools & accessories.

Here are some of the Exotic Impatiens we cultivate and sell:


Niamniamensis and other Impatiens like Kilimanjari and Velvetea are tropical flowering indoor or outdoor plants which are in bloom most of the year. View our full range of impatiens products.

Some of the tropical seeds we sell:


Tropical plants can create an exotic feel to any garden. View our full range of seeds in our seed shop.

Here are some of the Novelty Seeds alongside others suitable for Bonsai Training that we cultivate and sell:


Novelty seeds such as Magic message beans make great gifts and having the patience to train your very own Bonsai tree can be very rewarding. View all Novelty Seeds. View all Seeds for Bonsai.

Some of the strange but wonderful fruit seeds we sell:


We sell a range of strange and wonderful novelty fruit seeds. View our full range of fruit seeds.

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